Tractor Derby

Mechanics face off in a time-crunch contest to see who can assemble the most badass tractor build to compete in the ultimate tractor derby.
Building shows have exploded and audiences now more than ever are tuning in to watch how experts ply their trade. This show feeds the appetite for getting your hands dirty to make something exceptional from scratch using heavy equipment like a fine craftsman.

Dig Perfect

The world’s best diggers from around the world race against the clock to see who can excavate the best, most arduous construction project. The challenge is different every time and requires every ounce of skill, patience, experience and talent that they can muster!


A new kind of competition show that pits contestants against each other with a fresh twist. Players must endure the most visceral challenges & lose the use of a sense. Like intense discomfort with scorching heat or biting cold or loud noises or rites of passage. Imaginative tests like a cold room or noise assault with interesting tasks to perform that require communication, quick-thinking and working together to problem-solve and succeed to move on.

Ancient Sports

Modern day athletes are challenged to play and win odd games from the past or that are played around the world that no one knows about. Sports that were played long ago that have been forgotten. Rare games played that are dangerous or strange: Buzkashi, Pitz, Pankration, etc. Crown the finalist after points accrued playing and winning all these thrilling and death-defying contests .

Phantoms of the Battlefield

Tour the battlefields of the ancient world with a combat veteran paranormal expert to reach out and experience sites haunted by the legions of dead who fell there in battle centuries ago. Watch closely in wonder as our host medium conducts chilling ceremonies to conjure spirits from the past and hear their grisly and sad tales of loss, tragedy and horror.


A celebrity on-the-road pop-up video game match. Take a tricked-out luxury RV. Park it at a huge venue. Set up a kick-ass stage with massive screens. A YouTube gamer host engages celebs as they duel it out live, playing their favorite video game in front of a wild audience. Broadcast live!

Gaming culture has exploded and audiences now more than ever are tuning in to watch popular figures indulge. This show feeds the appetite for celebrity culture, takes advantage of the biggest worldwide venues, their massive audience and the vast social media potential.


It couldn’t be more simple. Kids love to throw things. Especially at targets! Make it a challenge and you’ve got yourself a game and all the drama and stakes of competition. From sports to the carnival booths to obstacle course game shows, hitting targets is a part of our culture. Let’s get kids of all ages out there to work as a team to conquer the most challenging obstacles courses yet to be seen on TV.

Trash Talk

A weekly show that begins with four celebrities, a comedian host and a seasoned PGA veteran who will play a round of golf together at a world-renowned course. We get a peek at who these people really are as they travel the world together, take in the foreign sights and culture and talk some friendly and not-so-friendly trash on the course.

Instagram Makeover

IG Makeover is a digital popularity contest. Every episode rates how our candidates are performing. And social media plays a huge part since on the program, they will either create or enhance their platforms..This new digital era sees us reaching out to others in ways never dreamed of. This show embraces our fascination with being connected in a way never been done before. And uses social media to unlock potential and make dreams come true. The contestants must compete to build the most successful and popular social profile. 

Back from Extinction

A show eons in the making that does three simple things. First, this program identifies and follows the movers and shakers in the realm of environmentalism. Second, what efforts these brave souls are taking to make the world a better place and the positive results of their actions. And lastly, what stands in the way against the daily struggle to defeat the forces of evil that threaten to destroy our planet. This show has been a long time coming. It’s time to take precious wildlife off the endangered list and replace them with the culprits who are thwarting efforts to save our planet because of lethargy, ignorance and corporate greed.

Hide + Seek

Weekend warriors are secreted away to a remote location where they are given a limited timeframe to reach a distant finish line before being hunted down by deadly opponents. Their mission: use their survival skills to evade capture, master the hostile environment and it’s hidden traps to win the game.

Jr Flips

In 2017, Six Elementary School Kids ages 7 to 13 years old grew tired of playing video games and watching TV – so after an inspirational chance meeting with Oprah Winfrey along with seed money from one of the parents they partnered up and launched Junior Flips, LLC (Jr Flips) thanks to the leadership and inspiration of young entrepreneur Alianna Hines and her industrious family.

The World Awaits

Our show follows four Instagram celebrity influencers around the world to the greatest global events of 2018. From Carnival in Rio to the Monaco Grand Prix in France or the World Cup in Russia, each week our cast is flown first class to a high-end resort to enjoy the sights and sounds of a new country and culture. Every step of the way the cameras are rolling as the girls pose for still shoots in the most remote exotic locations. And take time out to give back and support local charities that support communities in need. Audiences around the world can finally see just what life in the fast lane is really like. And get to know these social media megastars!

Time 2 Dance

With instruction from four young dance coaches and encouragement from an energetic host, ordinary kids selected from a studio audience compete in an inspirational dance-off.TIME 2 DANCE!

Kid VS. Beast

What if there was a new breed of game show? One where kids square off against…that’s right, animals! Obstacle courses designed to showcase a particular animals’ ability and strength. Paired with or opposed by young kids of all ages who pit their best alongside or against these wonders of nature to win a simple competition. It’s new. It’s innovative. And it will warm the hearts of viewers of all ages in a way never been done before. 

Picture’s Up

Hollywood slang for when you’re about to roll camera, Picture’s Up is a competition show where a different group of kids work together to make a movie every episode. The contest is simple. Whoever makes the best movie wins the show. A panel of celebrity kid judges monitors their progress and critiques their films in the season finale. Each crew is assigned a movie genre and given a specific time frame to complete their film. At the end of the season, the best movie wins. It’s Project Greenlight for kids, and we get to experience the fireworks and pitfalls of filmmaking through the lens of childhood.