Sci-Fi/Thriller – When a team of scientists led by the brilliant CLAUDIA successfully test a device that can teleport objects through space, all Hell breaks loose at the giant conglomerate Orinoco, Inc. where they work in research and development. After she mysteriously disappears during a failed demonstration, her friend and colleague BANDU must fend off the greedy corporate executive SANDY and her sinister head of security DENTON to find out the truth behind her disappearance. This drama unfolds and upsets the innocent lives of roommates the shy artist ADLER, the bull-headed tugboat captain MARA and slick car salesman KEITH ALAN. As the clock ticks down on finding the ground-breaking machine and it’s elusive inventor, the stakes are raised to a fever pitch where the lives of all those involved hang in the balance. And an honest detective VICTOR who’s hot on the trail to see justice is served.

Snow White

Sci-Fi/Horror – Snow White is a sci-fi action-packed thrill ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat. In the vein of Terminator and I Am Legend, the movie follows a battle-hardened vet WOLF who awakens to a world gone mad. Los Angeles after some unknown apocalypse that has wiped out humanity. Survivors hide like rats from terrifying mannequins that roam the wastes like grim reapers and appear at the mention of a cryptic phrase.