It couldn’t be more simple. Kids love to throw things. Especially at targets! Make it a challenge and you’ve got yourself a game and all the drama and stakes of competition. From sports to the carnival booths to obstacle course game shows, hitting targets is a part of our culture. Let’s get kids of all ages out there to work as a team to conquer the most challenging obstacles courses yet to be seen on TV.

Trash Talk

A weekly show that begins with four celebrities, a comedian host and a seasoned PGA veteran who will play a round of golf together at a world-renowned course. We get a peek at who these people really are as they travel the world together, take in the foreign sights and culture and talk some friendly and not-so-friendly trash on the course.

Tuesday’s fine

Family Feel-Good – Set in rural 1970’s Oklahoma, Tuesday’s Fine follows the story of a rural American family through the eyes of a young boy, the fledgling artist HALSEY. The tale traces the break-up his family and the uncertain aftermath that follows. Halsey’s dad, the local doctor SETH returns from Viet Nam a crippled and hardened man. And his wife, the broken ex-blues singer SCOTTY yearns for the exciting youth and romance she fell in love years before. It’s at the blaring racetrack, smoky bars and dingy diners that Halsey comes of age under the watchful eye of his best friend, salty and sober ex-race car driver DEKE and his seasoned sidekicks, ARLENE, LEE and FATHER VERNON.

The World Awaits

Our show follows four Instagram celebrity influencers around the world to the greatest global events of 2018. From Carnival in Rio to the Monaco Grand Prix in France or the World Cup in Russia, each week our cast is flown first class to a high-end resort to enjoy the sights and sounds of a new country and culture. Every step of the way the cameras are rolling as the girls pose for still shoots in the most remote exotic locations. And take time out to give back and support local charities that support communities in need. Audiences around the world can finally see just what life in the fast lane is really like. And get to know these social media megastars!

Snow White

Sci-Fi/Horror – Snow White is a sci-fi action-packed thrill ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat. In the vein of Terminator and I Am Legend, the movie follows a battle-hardened vet WOLF who awakens to a world gone mad. Los Angeles after some unknown apocalypse that has wiped out humanity. Survivors hide like rats from terrifying mannequins that roam the wastes like grim reapers and appear at the mention of a cryptic phrase.

Time 2 Dance

With instruction from four young dance coaches and encouragement from an energetic host, ordinary kids selected from a studio audience compete in an inspirational dance-off.TIME 2 DANCE!