Phantoms of the Battlefield

Tour the battlefields of the ancient world with a combat veteran paranormal expert to reach out and experience sites haunted by the legions of dead who fell there in battle centuries ago. Watch closely in wonder as our host medium conducts chilling ceremonies to conjure spirits from the past and hear their grisly and sad tales of loss, tragedy and horror.

Snow White

Sci-Fi/Horror – Snow White is a sci-fi action-packed thrill ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat. In the vein of Terminator and I Am Legend, the movie follows a battle-hardened vet WOLF who awakens to a world gone mad. Los Angeles after some unknown apocalypse that has wiped out humanity. Survivors hide like rats from terrifying mannequins that roam the wastes like grim reapers and appear at the mention of a cryptic phrase.

Mechanical Failure

Action/Horror – Horror films are driven by concept rather than stars. They have relativly low cost with high potential return. Due to Horror’s rabid and loyal audience, Horror projects perform as well if not better in the ancillary markets ( Video, DVD, Cable, etc. ) than in the box office. Great saleability both domestically and internationally. Basically, there is always a market for Horror amongst the largest movie-going demographic – teenagers.