Action/Thriller – A trained intelligence officer stumbles across an illegal covert operation while on a dangerous assignment overseas that results in her and her estranged sister being hunted down like fugitives. They unravel a government conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of power and sadly, forces one of them to pay the ultimate price. Just as their once frail bond of sisterhood is rekindled.

Wild Game

Action/Adventure – Hardened Iraqi war vets led by a bloodthirsty madman have sequestered themselves from the world in a hideaway compound deep in the back country, far from prying eyes. Every year, these killers travel to the far corners of the globe to find six dangerous candidates to compete in a terrible contest. Violent criminals or lethal down-and-out characters who have made terrible mistakes and the world will not miss. They are secreted away to where the deadliest game of all awaits: the hunt! And they must pit their wits and survival skills against these evil hunters in order to escape.

Eagle Of The Desert 

Epic/Action – Set in North Africa during WWII, Eagle Of The Desert tells the tragic tale of lives brought together and torn apart against the terrible backdrop of war and some of history’s most awe-inspiring characters. Spun around the charismatic and rebellious fighter ace Joachim Marseille, the story follows one of the most decorated and colorful pilots in history. His passion for flying, disdain for authority and wild comrades in the field were the stuff of classic Greek tragedy. Especially his fateful plight fighting for yet railing against a cruel Nazi regime he neither believed in nor obeyed. This defiance would ultimately lead to his untimely demise and overshadow his fearsome feats in the skies. Even the deep forbidden love he found in the desert would fall prey to a destiny fraught with peril and loss.

Mechanical Failure

Action/Horror – Horror films are driven by concept rather than stars. They have relativly low cost with high potential return. Due to Horror’s rabid and loyal audience, Horror projects perform as well if not better in the ancillary markets ( Video, DVD, Cable, etc. ) than in the box office. Great saleability both domestically and internationally. Basically, there is always a market for Horror amongst the largest movie-going demographic – teenagers.